Email Troubleshooting

Not Receiving MATSOL Email?

Are you having trouble with:

Emails from MATSOL:
Is your email address is entered correctly in your member record?
    1. Go to the MATSOL Member Center.
    2. Point to "My Profile" and click on "Edit Profile."
    3. Update your member record and click the "Save."
    4. See directions below to update your E-List subscriptions, which do not automatically update with this change.
Did you opt out of MATSOL email?
If you clicked on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of a MATSOL email message, you turn off all email messages sent to more than one person. MATSOL cannot change this setting -- only the user can do so.Go to the MATSOL Member Center.
    1. Go to your MATSOL Member Profile.
    2. Point to "Edit Profile" and click on "Contact Preferences."
    3. The setting below means that all MATSOL member emails are turned off:alt
    4. To turn on email delivery, click the button "I want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients."  
    5. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.
Is your email program, school district, or institution blocking MATSOL email messages as spam?
    1. Check the Spam folder in your email program for MATSOL email. Adjust your program settings to allow MATSOL email.
    2. Ask your district/institution email administrator to allow emails from and 
      OR change the email address in your member record to a personal address.
E-List email messages:
Is your email address entered correctly for your E-List subscription?
E-List email addresses do NOT automatically update with changes to your member record.
    1. Go to the MATSOL Member Center.
    2. Point to "My Features" and click on "My E-Lists.
    3. Edit the email addresses for each subscription. (See this page for detailed instrutions)
Does your email system use an alias addresses? 

Some email systems use an alias address. For example, you may receive email from [email protected], but it is sent through [email protected] The email address you are sending from must match the email address in our E-List subscription system. Please consult the IT person in your district for advice about which address to use.