Employment & Working Conditions

MATSOL supports fair wages and working conditions for all ELL/ESL/ESOL educators.

MATSOLworks Job Listings
  • A free job listening service provided by MATSOL as a benefit to our members and a service to the community.
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
TESOL International Association Position Statements
Mass Coalition for Adult Education (MCEA), Working Conditions
  • Making a Living (?) in Adult Education blog
  • ABE Working Condition Standards
  • Worker Rights
SEIU Higher Education
  • Massachusetts Adjunct Action Project (Facebook Page): Massachusetts Adjunct Action is a project of SEIU Local 888 and Local 615. Together these unions unite thousands of facilities, library, professional and academic employees at colleges and universities throughout Massachusetts.
The Adjunct Project
  • Crowdsourced data on salaries for college and university adjuncts in all disciplines nationally and internationally.
  • Reader-participation blog about the adjunct experience.