Mathematics Coaching
Supporting Teachers of English Language Learners in the Math Classroom

Announcing an opportunity to nominate a team of two to three Math Coaches from your district to participate in this Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education pilot course. This coaching course, to eventually be rolled out statewide, is based on the Six Standards of Effective Pedagogy Coaching Framework, and is part of the state’s Extending the Learning phase of RETELL. Designed specifically for Mathematics coaches, it focuses on the roles of the coach in supporting, expanding, and sustaining effective mathematical practices in diverse Math classrooms with ELLs, and supporting long-term integration of sheltered mathematics into core instruction. 

This course, along with the abbreviated Short Bridge course jointly offer a customized route to SEI Endorsement for instructional coaches, and 3 Graduate Credits/Professional Development Points.

Lead Presenter

Dr. Annela Teemant

Location & Date

Coaches: Monday through Saturday, June 22—27 and Monday, November 2, 2015, Fitchburg State University.
Teacher partners: Tuesday-Wednesday June 23-24 (full day), and Thursday, June 25 (half day), Fitchburg State University.


Mathematics Coaches and ELL Coaches, partnered with (optional) Mathematics Teachers.

Teacher Involvement

Each coach will identify a teacher with whom to work on application of a 3-cycle coach project in the Fall. These teachers are invited to participate in a special concurrent course, delivered at the same time as and in collaboration with the Coach participants. Each coach is invited to register a teacher with whom they will work. The teacher may attend Tuesday June 23, Wednesday June 24 and a half-day June 25 for Sessions 3-7, earning 15 PDPs as an extension course, with a graduate credit option (1 Credit). And as the cooperating teacher assisting the coach with the course coaching cycle, teachers will receive 15 additional PDPs. Teacher participation in the summer course is optional. Coaches are able to attend the course without the teacher who they will be coaching as part of their coach project.


Nominations must be submitted by the administrator authorizing and supporting the participation of coaches and teachers in the course and the required Coaching Project. 

  • Please read this letter about the math coaching pilot course from Paul Aguiar, Director of OELAAA, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
  • Nominations can be submitted for coaches alone (either Mathematics or ELL coaches) or for teams of one coach and one SEI endorsed teacher.  Only one teacher may be registered with each coach, and teachers may not register without a coach.
  • Please have the following information ready:
    • Administrator: Name, title, district, phone, email.
    • Coaches and Teachers: Name, title, school, phone, and email.

Nominate Coaches and Teacher Partners for Supporting Teachers of English Language Learners in the Math Classroom

For more information

Contact Bonnie Baer-Simahk, Math Coaching Course Coordinator
[email protected]