Literacy Coaching
Integrating SEI into Literacy Coaching

Course Description

Integrating SEI into Literacy Coaching explores the teaching-learning process for students, teachers, and instructional coaches from critical sociocultural perspectives. The course prepares literacy instructional coaches, including ELL coaches, to use principles of learning to support teachers in sheltering instruction for English Language Learners (ELLs) in Pre-K-12 classrooms. Coaches learn to recognize, use, and promote the type of sheltering of instruction that maximizes opportunities for engagement, differentiation, and achievement for culturally, linguistically, economically, and learning diverse students.

The course specifically explores the Six Standards Instructional Coaching Framework, which has been nationally validated as effective in advancing student achievement, especially among ELLs in general education classrooms. Participants learn about research-based and enduring principles of learning that shelter instruction; that is, how to support teachers in making instruction collaborative, language rich, dialogic, contextualized, cognitive challenging, and based in real-world applications of school learning. Through a series of coaching modules, this course provides coaches experience in a) using a coaching rubric for sheltered instruction practices, and b) applying new learning in their regular coaching practices. Topics include sociocultural theory and pedagogy, critical pedagogy, second language acquisition, common core and English language development standards, integrating content and language in curriculum design and instruction, differentiation, the instructional conversation, coaching processes and protocols, and inter-rater reliability. Course objectives are aligned with National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Standards/TESOL and specific alignment to the MA Professional Standards and SEI Endorsement Course Licensure Competencies.

This course was developed for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in order to enhance the coaching skills and SEI knowledge of coaches of newly endorsed SEI classroom/content teachers. The course was developed by MATSOL in partnership with Dr. Annela Teemant and Dr. Serena Tyra.

Intended Audience

Literacy Coaches, ELL Coaches, and teacher partners (preferably SEI Endorsed) willing to be coached.

  • Coaches may register for the course with or without a teacher partner. Each coach must identify a teacher partner with whom to work on application of a required Coaching Project, which involves implementing the coaching framework for three coaching cycles, but the teacher is not required to attend the course.
  • Teachers can only register for the course with a partner coach with whom they will work on the Coaching Project, which involves implementing the coaching framework for three coaching cycles. Teachers will participate in a special concurrent course, delivered at the same time as, and in collaboration with, the Coach participants.
Date & Location

Exact locations will be shared with participants upon registration.

  • Coaches:
    • Monday-Saturday, August 3-8, 2015 (8:30 am-4:00 pm) in Framingham MA
    • Monday, October 19, 2015 (4:30-6:30 pm) in Fitchburg MA
    • Complete the 3-Cycle Coaching Project (at the coach's school with a partner teacher) before November 2 meeting.
    • Monday, November 2, 2015 (4:30-6:30 pm) in Fitchburg MA
  • Teacher partners:
    • Tuesday & Wednesday, August 4-5, (full day)
    • Thursday, August 6 (half day), 2015 in Framingham MA.
    • Participate in 3-Cycle Coaching Project (at the teacher & coach's school with a partner coach) before November 2.
PDPs & Graduate Credit
  • Coaches completing the course and Coaching Project, attending every session, and completing all assignments may receive 67.5 PDPs. A graduate credit option (3 graduate credits) is available to coaches through Fitchburg State University. 
  • Teachers completing the course and participating in the Coaching Project can receive 30 PDPs: 15 PDPs as an SEI extension course, and an additional 15 PDPs for participating in the Coaching Project. A graduate credit option (1 graduate credit) is available through Fitchburg State University. 
  • Teachers participating in the Coaching Project, but not taking the course, can receive 15 PDPs for participating in the Coaching Project.

Details about the graduate credit option will be made available upon registration. Graduate credit cost per Fitchburg State University.

SEI Endorsement for Instructional Courses

Integrating SEI into Literacy Coaching, along with the RETELL Short Bridge course, jointly offer a customized route to SEI Endorsement for instructional coaches. 


$115.00 per registered coach. Partner teachers participate at no cost. 

This course is generously underwritten by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Registrations must be submitted by the administrator authorizing, supporting, and securing payment for the participation of coaches and teachers in the course and the required Coaching Project.

Registrations can be submitted for coaches alone (either Literacy or ELL coaches) or for teams of one coach and one SEI Endorsed teacher.  One teacher may be registered with each coach.

Payment may be made by purchase order, check or credit card. MATSOL will invoice upon receipt of registration.

Please have the following information ready:

  • Administrator: Name, title, district, phone, email and district billing address for invoicing.
  • Coaches and Teachers: Name, title, school, phone, and email.

Administrators: Registration is closed for this event.

Coaches and Teachers: Please see your email for a link to the confirmation form, or write to [email protected]


For the fastest response, email is the best way to reach us! Please send an email message to the addresses below with questions. 

  • For questions about course content or selecting course participants, contact [email protected]
  • For questions about completing the registration form or billing, contact our registration coordinator at [email protected]