Professional Development Series

Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE)

As part of MATSOL's ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of SLIFE students and their teachers, MATSOL is offering this comprehensive series of institutes and training of trainers.

All institutes presented by Andrea DeCapua, Ed.D. & Helaine W. Marshall, Ph.D.

SLIFE Institute I 

Culturally Responsive Teaching in Massachusetts: English Language Learners with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education
Two-Day Institute: December 3-4, 2015, Leominster, MA
Prerequisite: None
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SLIFE Institute II

Developing Academic Language Proficiency and Scaffolding Academic Content for ELLs with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education
One-Day Institute: May 4, 2016, Framingham, MA (MATSOL 2016 Pre-Conference Institute)
Prerequisite: Completion of the SLIFE Institute I offered by MATSOL in 2015, 2014, or 2013

Training of Trainers

Meeting the needs of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education: The Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm® (MALP®)
Three-Day Training of Trainers: Summer 2016
Prerequisite: Completion of the SLIFE Institutes I & II or equivalent (with permission of the instructors).

What is SLIFE?
What is MALP®?

What is SLIFE?

Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) are English language learners who have experienced interrupted education due to war, civil unrest, migration, or other factors; who have never had the opportunity to participate in any type of schooling before entering school in the United States; or who have experienced limited education in their home countries due to lack of resources or trained teachers, the type of schooling they participated in, or other circumstances. (DeCapua & Marshall, 2010)

What is MALP®?

The Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm®, or MALP®, is a culturally responsive instructional model for struggling language learners. It is intended to transition these learners from their preferred and customary ways of learning to Western-style formal education by integrating key elements of formal education while acknowledging and balancing the needs, preferences, and priorities of struggling language learners.  With MALP®, instructors have a concrete, practical set of guidelines to follow in designing and delivering instruction to this population. Learn more about MALP® at


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