RETELL Extending the Learning

The following SEI-related courses have been developed by MATSOL, and reviewed and approved for promotion by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement. Successful completion of these offerings will earn the participating educator PDPs. See the MA DESE RETELL Extending the Learning page for details.


EEC109: Teaching Academic Conversations in Classrooms with English Language Learners

Academic conversations motivate students and foster engagement. In this course, teachers in diverse settings will build on students' strengths through paired academic conversations. English language learners especially benefit from this approach because they learn to use language as a tool to share ideas, defend opinions, and make connections with others. Participants will investigate five core communication skills: paraphrase, elaborate, support ideas with examples, build on and/or challenge ideas, and synthesize conversation points. This course will provide practical activities for working on each conversation skill and ideas for using conversations to teach and assess content.


EEC110: Academic English for ELLs in the Talk, Texts and Tasks of Middle and High School Mathematics and Science Classrooms

This course provides Math and Science teachers at the Middle/High School level with a deeper understanding of how to identify, analyze and develop academic language for ELLs using WIDA and other tools. Teachers will be able to apply practiced strategies to their teaching context taking into account the four language domains (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and their students' English proficiency levels. Teachers will work collaboratively with model texts, state model curriculum units and their own lessons to gain expertise in the unique features of the language of Math/Science to increase content comprehension and develop academic language and literacy skills.