Training of Trainers

Meeting the Needs of ELLs with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education: The Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm®

Presented by Andrea DeCapua, Ed.D. & Helaine W. Marshall, Ph.D.

Learn how to provide MALP® professional development tailored to the needs of your program.
Three-Day Training of Trainers: August 2016 (date & location TBA)

Prerequisite: Completion of three days of MALP® training (MATSOL SLIFE Institute I and SLIFE Institute II) or equivalent with permission of the instructors. 

Date & Location

Three days in August 17-19, 2016 - Location TBA


During this MALP® Training of Trainers Institute, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to help educators at all levels work with struggling English learners, especially those with limited or interrupted formal education, or SLIFE. The Institute is based on the books, sample projects, training activities, and other resources developed by Dr. DeCapua and Dr. Marshall, and will consist of a variety of activities, including analysis of video teaching sequences, and small group tasks.

At the end Days One and Two, participants will either develop plans for a MALP® workshop or incorporate what they learned into their role-specific professional development activities. On the final day, participants will present their own workshop plans based on their learning.

Participants will learn how to implement all of the activities included in the three-day SLIFE Institute.  They will receive a training binder with all of the instructions for each activity and links to the accompanying files. 

Following this training, the participants will be able to provide MALP® training with the permission of MALP, LLC, using the MALP® logo, provided that they agree to the terms and conditions stipulated by MALP, LLC, including the financial arrangement developed for trainers of MALP®. 


This TOT is open only to participants who completed of three days of MALP® training at MATSOL SLIFE Institute I (offered in November 2013, April 2014, or April 2015, or December 2015) AND SLIFE Institute II (offered in May 2016) -- OR equivalent with permission of the instructors. Participants will be selected through an application process.


Andrea DeCapua, Ed.D. Educational consultant, researcher, and adjunct faculty at New York University.

Helaine W. Marshall, Ph.D. Associate professor and director of language education programs at Long Island University–Hudson.

Recognized national experts on students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE), Helaine and Andrea have published and presented extensively on this population of language learners. Their workshops are designed to help teachers develop the strategies to address the very specific needs of these students to transition them to classroom success. View their website: Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm™


Fee: TBA

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